Our Vision

Our initiatives

Eco friendly material

Focus on the person

A tree for a move

With respect to the environment and people

Environment is our home and is the only home from which we cannot move out! Respect to the environment is respect to ourselves and our fellows. Our environmental consciousness is proven practically every day.

  • We choose recyclable packaging materials.
  • We recycle used paper materials.
  • We use specialized materials in local relocations, such as plastic boxes and suitcases for glassware, paintings and kitchenware, which do not degrade and leave the least possible environmental footprint.
  • We recycle the lubricants of our fleet’s vehicles in collaboration with specialized collection crews.
  • We perform maintenance works to all of our vehicles according to the standards of the manufacturers and proceed to any scheduled exhaust gas checks and roadworthiness tests.
  • We have installed photovoltaic systems on the roof of our business premises, thus focusing on renewable energy resources which do not pollute the environment.


Our company faces with responsibility the environmental issues and focuses in decreasing its environmental footprint, encouraging its personnel and collaborators to environmental consciousness.

Our purpose is to combine cost and effective packaging. That’s why we are using ecofriendly packaging solutions always recyclable or recoverable.