Departure and Arrival Support

We are here for you, always.

We are happy to assist you and provide you with any information you may require before, during and after your relocation.

TELETRANS organizes and books your trip, as well as for your family members, by booking your tickets and offers consulting services, upon request, concerning your accommodation, may it be temporary or long term.

We provide:

  • Information on procedures to issue a VISA for your destination country
  • Recommendations to familiarize you and your family with your destination country as well as escorting to public services and intermediary support i.e. city registration, accommodation, schools, opening bank accounts, shopping, wellness and fitness, entertainment venues, museums and sightseeing, cultural events, excursions etc.
  • Assistance with registrations for electricity/ gas, water, internet and mobile services, cleaning services etc.

We have an expanded network of partners, which allows us to offer you transport reservations from/to airports, train stations and other destinations tailored to your needs, safely and responsibly.

At TELETRANS we stand by your side, and facilitate your relocation at every step of the way, thereby helping you adjust quickly to your new place of residence.

Moving Steps

First contact
Home inspection
& Quotation
Packing & Good
& House